Here are basic step-by-steps for placing an order with Gassd Nutrition

  1. GASSD nutrition has no memberships and no minimum spend.
  2. You are now ready to place your order.
  3. If you already know which delivery method you wish to use or which store you wish to select, you can start choosing your meal plan HERE.
  4. If you want help finding the closest drop off location, you can go to DROP OFF POINTS.
  5. For home delivery enquiries DELIVERY MAP HERE
  6. Once you go through our menu options and select your meal plan, add your plan to the cart and follow the checkout prompts
  7. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR MOBILE NUMBER IN CASE WE NEED TO CONTACT YOU in regards to your delivery, if we cant locate you and there is no phone number for you we will return the delivery back to the depot so we can investigate to find your contact info.
  8. Check all your details are correct and then, once your meals are paid for, you will receive a text on the delivery day letting you know when your meals will be delivered.
  9. We deliver fresh meals at a charge of $10.00 anywhere in Sydney and prefer someone is home to collect them, if this is an issue we can deliver in climate controlled boxes (incurs $5 charge if box & ice bags are not returned following next delivery).
  10. Simply heat packaging in microwave for 2 - 3 minutes then enjoy!